Looking For a local and friendly seo company in Cambridge? we partner with local business to help you rank for your top keywords on google

We are experts not just in providing SEO solutions to local business in Cambridge and the surrounding areas but also provide a number of internet marketing strategies  that will help your business achieve its sale targets and help provide a steady flow of leads.

Services we offer

PPC Campaign management

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Custom Website Design

Website design

We can create, design and build custom websites for any business niche. Building a website and having an online presence has never been more essential, if your business is not exposed to an online audience then your missing a huge opportunity in regards to reaching potential customers.

These days anyone who can send an email is capable of putting up a website. online giants such as the likes of ‘wix’ and ‘Squarespace’ have created easy to use platforms. The problem with these solutions however is that these types of websites are often highly inefficient with slow loading times and often look good on a large computer screen but often have issues when loaded onto a smart phone or tablet.

We design our clients websites using a very common piece of software called ‘wordpress’ this online content management system was originally designed  to host blog content. But has since evolved and now has the capability of hosting full websites, the platform even allows for full e-commerce functionality.

When we design clients websites we use highly optimised and customisable templates. this allows us to create beautiful looking websites while at the same time having ‘fast loading times’  ‘viewable on an array of devices’ and most importantly be search engine optimised.

  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Fast page loading times
  • optimised to work across all screen sizes
  • Packed with high quality content
  • optimised for search with onpage SEO


Seo (search engine optimisation) is our flagship product offering. Ranking for your chosen terms in the almighty google is not always an easy task. We have strategies and techniques we implement to make the process run smoothly. Getting rankings in the search engines is not an other night process it takes weeks and months of work to rank for popular competitive search terms, and even when you have achieved the target competition will always be right behind so the SEO process is always ongoing to some degree.

Getting ranked in google with seo involves, on-page seo and off page seo

on page seo

This involves creating content on your website relevant to your keywords. In order to get ranked for particular search terms we have to design the content on the website in such a way that google knows what words to index on our website.  This is achieved by doing a number of different tasks including:-

  • Optimised ‘H tags’
  • Optimised ‘Alt tags’ on images
  • Keyword density in content
  • Internal linking with keywords
  • Linking to external authority websites

Off page seo

As the name suggests off page seo is in a nutshell is mainly about building backlinks pointing towards your website. This sounds easy but it must be done correctly and systematically if a website acquires the wrong type of back links google may penalise that website and they may lose their rankings within the search engines.  Links pointing back towards your website should be from an array of sources these include

  • Social media websites
  • citation and directories sites
  • online press releases
  • Article websites
  • blog posts
  • sponsorship

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the fastest growing market in terms off audience growth, Facebook is the the most popular platform followed by twitter and instagram.

We offer exposure to these potential clients by building client profiles and marketing your services through paid adverts. when advertising to a facebook audience we have the ability to target very specific demographics. for example if a company is a looking to advertise their high end hair salon, using facebook data we can target just women of a certain age who have an interest in hair and beauty products, having access to to this data through the facebook platform is very powerful indeed.


Pay per click campaigns can be very effective if managed correctly, we can create PPC campaigns to target specific audiences to help reach potential customers. The key to effective paid advertising is whats called ‘retargeting’. Retargeting allows us to collect data on potential customers and retarget those people not just through PPC but on all major platforms including facebook, instagram and the google ad network.

To target customers we use what is termed ‘sales funnels’. A sales funnel is basically a strategic process used to generate leads and then later on in the process generate sales too. This is done by offering something of value to the customer initially, this can be any number of things such as a free voucher, a discount code, free e-book, free consultation…etc. once the customer has participated in our offer they turn from a cold lead into a warm lead, warm leads our much easier to sell too and statistically are much more lightly to buy from a company they already have invested there time into.